Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Shelter in Financial Storms

On a monthly basis on The Meeting House on Faith Radio, Mark Biller, the Executive Editor of the Sound Mind Investing Newsletter and Website joins me to discuss financial issues from a Christian worldview perspective. In light of the financial news that we are hearing as of late, in the midst of the talk of recession, high gas prices, the mortgage loan crisis, and the fire sale of Bear Stearns, this could cause anxiety from a financial point of view.

But Jesus addressed the topic of finances frequently during His earthly ministry, and gave a poignant passage in Matthew 6, telling us basically to "chill out" about our finances and seek first the Kingdom of God. I trust Mark to share with us that strong, solid Biblical perspective on our finances, and recently he discussed, "3 Keys to Change Your Financial Future". Here's the skeleton outline, along with audio files addressing each point.

The first key is to create a written spending, plan, otherwise known as a budget.


The second key is to start contributing to a retirement savings plan.


And the last key, which actually is the cornerstone of our financial matters, is to give.


An American Enterprise Institute study (to which Mark refers in the audio clip) illustrates the correlation between giving and one's financial well being. An article can be found here.

I encourage you to visit the Sound Mind Investing website at to download the full conversation with Mark Biller. That address is

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