Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Toward Higher Expectations, Part II

Yes, I had to do it...I started out my interview with John Rosemond for May discussing keeping kids occupied during the summer, and before I knew it, I had changed tracks and begun to follow-up on a conversation highlighted here on the Meeting House Blog with Alex and Brett Harris, founders of The Rebelution and authors of Do Hard Things, about increasing the expectation level for teens and exploring some of the negative aspects about what is now called adolescence. John weighed in on that topic and provided plenty of fodder for thought and conversation:


When we look at some of the attitudes and aptitudes of American teens, John actually puts some of the blame on parents and their leadership styles. He provided this insight:


John Rosemond is a regular guest of The Meeting House on Faith Radio, and you can regularly download our conversations in the Intersection Download Center at www.meetinghouseonline.info. His websites are www.rosemond.com and www.parentingbythebook.com.

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