Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"Fireproof" Catching Fire

Have you heard? The Kendrick brothers from Albany, Georgia and Sherwood Baptist Church are at it again - their next project is called, "Fireproof", and it's due in theaters on September 26th.

These are genuinely humble individuals who desire to touch the world from their hometown of Albany, and through the movie, "Facing the Giants", they presented a powerful gospel message against the backdrop of high school football. The miracle story of how a church-based production company made a movie for $100,000 and grossed $10 million at the box office is an incredible testimony to God's greatness.

Now, they are attempting to share a message of the sanctity of marriage and God's ability to save and revolutionize marriage through their film, "Fireproof".

A pastor and church leader screening is in the works for the Montgomery area, and I encourage you to visit the website at Here's a source for information on "Fireproof":

You can hear my interview with Stephen Kendrick of Sherwood Pictures, Producer of "Fireproof" at:

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