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The 3 - November 21, 2009

On this week's edition of "The 3", here just hours before health care reform legislation takes another lurch forward, I look back at this week and see the march to this moment as it unfolded, plus the debate over the confirmation of Judge David Hamilton in the U.S. Senate, and a major declaration by Christian leaders of a variety of stripes.

3 - Senate confirms judge who banned Christian prayers in Indiana House

Judge David Hamilton was confirmed by the U.S. Senate this week to a seat on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. I first became aware of Hamilton as he made a ruling against Christian clergy praying according to the dictates of their conscience, in Jesus' name, on the floor of the Indiana House of Representatives. He later ruled that public prayers to Allah were permissible. Hamilton has made other rulings that are opposed to the beliefs of many people of faith, and Concerned Women for America has an informative press release on the issue.

Wendy Wright, President of CWA, came on my radio show, "The Meeting House", this week and discussed Judge Hamilton, along with the health care debate, and the attempt to keep District of Columbia residents from voting on a definition of marriage. You can download it from

2 - Democrats expected to vote to move health care reform forward

Earlier, Senators Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas became the anticipated 60th U.S. Senator to declare her support for a procedural motion to bring the health care reform bill proposed by Majority Leader Harry Reid to the floor of the Senate. Now, the bill will no doubt face some amendments as the floor debate unfolds during the next few days and weeks, but the passage of this procedural vote still clears the way for massive government intervention into the U.S. health care system. This type of reform has been opposed by a number of Christian and pro-family organizations, and the fact that prohibition of taxpayer funding of abortion has been stripped from this Senate version of the bill has brought plenty of concerned comments this week.

There are Senators, such as Ben Nelson of Nebraska, who voiced concern about some of the details of the bill, including the lack of pro-life language, nevertheless stated he would vote for the cloture motion to continue debate. So, Nelson, and other so-called moderate Democrats, can vote for the motion, then oppose the bill on its final vote and say to their constituents that they opposed this unpopular concept. However, they had a chance to stop it before it got to floor debate, and chose not to. Here is Jill Stanek's excellent analysis of that point.

Here is an overall report on the proceedings from the Wall Street Journal.

1 - Christian leaders announce "Manhattan Declaration"

On Friday of this week, a group of Christian leaders from a variety of backgrounds joined together to announce the "Manhattan Declaration", a document designed to define some of the convictions that we possess with regard to issues and philosophies in the culture. had this report.

It is important from time to time that like-minded people unite around common goals and beliefs. The Declaration gives the opportunity to speak words of Biblically-centered truth to the culture at large and its institutions, declaring what we as Christians believe about fundamental truths regarding the sanctity of human life, the definition of marriage as one man for one woman, and religious freedom. The website,, gives more information, including an opportunity for you to sign the declaration yourself and send a strong message about how you wish to influence the culture for good, upholding the principles of Christ.

D.C. officials say no vote on marriage definition

Ministry distributes Darwin book with new foreward debunking theory of evolution

Sherwood Pictures announces next movie

Christian leaders express concern over new hate crimes law

Rally for Rifqa in Ohio
video with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch

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