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The 3 - March 28, 2010

As students have been making their annual Spring Break pilgrimages, Christians are springing into action to share the gospel; also, the military is changing its stance toward gays in the military, and with health care reform passing Congress, now the move is on to lessen the blow.

3 - Spring break turns into spiritual breakthroughs

The time known as Spring Break has so commonly been associated with lewd behavior and wild partying on the part of college students at beachfront locations along America's coasts. But Christian have seized the opportunity presented by thousands of young people congregating at various locales and seen effectiveness in sharing the gospel and leading people to Christ.

Noted Christian organization Campus Crusade for Christ has been involved in some ministry activities during Spring Break, and The Christian Post reported recently on a successful effort on the Florida Gulf Coast. Here is that report.

2 - "Don't ask, don't tell" rollback begins

President Obama, in his State of the Union address, reaffirmed his support for reversing the "don't ask, don't tell" stance of the U.S. military with regard to homosexual behavior within its ranks. The policy was adopted during the Clinton administration, and now military leaders, including Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, are paving the way for open homosexuality within the military.

This week, Secretary Gates, who just a few weeks ago had authorized a year-long study on how to reverse the current policy, announced some steps that the military was going to go ahead and take regarding the issue. CitizenLink, a website and daily e-mail service from Focus on the Family Action, has been following the story, and had this report on Thursday of this week.

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel visited with me at National Religious Broadcasters, and shared some of his thoughts on the issue during this interview:

1 -
Health care goes to court

As health care reform legislation was signed by President Obama this past Tuesday, and the House and Senate passed the reconciliation package to make adjustments to the large bill, lawsuits were filed contesting the constitutionality of the package. Attorneys general from 13 states, led by Florida AG Bill McConnell, filed a lawsuit challenging insurance mandates in the package. Here is a report from The Hill.

Notable also is a lawsuit filed by Liberty University against several Federal departments, contesting not only the employer mandates, but also issues concerning student loans. Liberty Counsel filed the suit on behalf of the University.

Recently, James Lansberry of Samaritan Ministries and head of the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries, visited with me on The Meeting House. This is an informative and intriguing conversation:

Honorable mention:

Only Billy Graham Association crusade in U.S. this year opens in Auburn, AL

Luis Palau ministers in Vietnam

AL students want prayer back on the public address system

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