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The 3 - April 10, 2010

This week's installment of "The 3", my week-in-review blog post, includes a new faith-based movie in theaters, and the promise of new public officials - the process of replacing a Representative from Michigan and a Supreme Court Justice.

3 - "Letters to God" delivered to theaters

This weekend, moviegoers are being invited to view a film that presents a message of hope in the midst of trial, a movie that has at its core a strong Christian worldview perspective. It's called "Letters to God", and it features the directorial skills of David Nixon, who was producer of "Fireproof" with Sherwood Pictures.

I had a chance to talk with producer and Co-Manager of Possibility Pictures, the movie company responsible for "Letters to God", and the balance of the conversation will air on "The Meeting House" ( the week of April 12.

Dr. Marc Newman of Movie Ministry joined me on April 9 to discuss the film and some of the messages it communicates.

The movie was anticpated to release on over 900 screens, making it the widest opening for a Christian, faith-based film since "The Passion of the Christ". To learn more about the film, go to

2 - Stupak's re-election campaign halted

Bart Stupak, up until the day of the U.S. House vote on health care reform legislation, was hailed as a pro-life champion, a defender of the rights of the unborn and of the rights of taxpayers who do not wish to pay for the termination of human life. But that all changed when Stupak was promised an Executive Order by President Obama, which in fact does not have the power to alter the pro-abortion language in the bill itself. Stupak came under fire from pro-life advocates as well as those in the Tea Party movement for his reversal in course.

On April 9, Stupak announced that he was heading back to the house, his home, that is, rather than face what promised to be a tough re-election fight. One of the organizations that had actually awarded Stupak for his devotion to life, the Susan B. Anthony List, withdrew the award and actively began to start campaigning against him. Here is an update from the blog on its website,

1 - Stevens decides to retire from bench

One of the justices that is commonly associated with the liberal wing of the U.S. Supreme Court, John Paul Stevens, announced his retirement for later this year. This puts President Obama in a position of appointing another justice to the court, following his naming Sonia Sotomayor to replace retiring justice David Souter. Senate confirmation is not guaranteed, now that the Democrats essentially have 59 votes, but there has been resistance by some Republicans to filibuster judicial nominations. Nevertheless, there will be close scrutiny of the nominee and his or her judicial philosophy and record.

Baptist Press has an excellent analysis of some of the 90-year-old Stevens' decisions, including those affecting the issue of abortion, where he did not side with the rights of the unborn.

Faith community responds to mine explosion

TN school board mulls removing language describing creation as "myth"

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