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The 3 - May 1, 2010

Plenty to discuss this week, and a plethora of candidates for "The 3" - narrowing it down, I spotlight the beginning of filming for a Christian motion picture, dialogue about an announced find of a key Biblical artifact, and pro-life legislation passing state legislatures.

3 - "Courageous" begins filming

I would say that more than a few curious eyes are fixed toward Albany, Georgia, as Sherwood Pictures began filming this week on its next film, "Courageous", slated to be released next year. The film focuses on 4 law enforcement officers who are struggling in their role as fathers, and when tragedy strikes, they are forced to wrestle with even greater issues, including their faith.

This film, which follows their previous effort, "Fireproof", I would think would have some high expectations in the Christian community, and for good reason - Alex and Stephen Kendrick and the team at Sherwood Pictures have shown a great deal of creativity, skill, and outstanding ability to tell a story. And, most of all, the on-set demeanor is one of prayer and submission to the Holy Spirit. And, I know that they covet your prayers for "Courageous" to touch lives in a powerful way, just as their previous films have done.

I'm scheduled to be on the set of "Courageous" later this month - I am greatly looking forward to the visit, and am planning to bring some inspiring reports to you! The movie website is There you'll find video reports from the set, a listing of the principal cast members (in the blog), and plenty more!

2 - Noah's Ark declared discovery discussed

Perhaps the most elusive and anticipated artifact related to the Christian community is Noah's Ark - there have been numerous expeditions, even some announced discoveries, but so far, no one has brought back the prize...until now, perhaps?

Well, a team of evangelical explorers have announced that they have discovered the ark on Mt. Ararat in Turkey. Read the story of their discovery from Fox News.

But, it's no surprise there is skepticism. A noted archaeologist came out this week to forcefully discredit the find. Randall Price shared his perspective with AOL News. And, noted creation and science organization Answers in Genesis took a "wait and see" attitude. Dr. John Morris of the Institute for Creation Research exhibited a cautionary view, as well.

Well, as Ken Ham pointed out in a Tuesday Answers in Genesis piece, "We have no doubt, however, that there once was a massive Ark that served as a vessel of salvation during a global Flood and landed on the mountains of Ararat, as recorded in the book of Genesis. " So, of that we can be certain, and the discovery of Noah's Ark, whenever it might occur, will be further validation of the truth that is found in the Bible.

1 - Pro-life victories in State Legislatures

All across America, there is action taking place in state legislatures with regard to the broad health care legislation that was passed by Congress. Over a dozen state attorneys general have filed suit, contending the legislation violates the Constitution, and legislatures are taking up the cause to exempt their states from the numerous Federal mandates that are contained within the thousands of pages of legislation and regulation.

And, this week, Arizona became the first state to enact legislation that would exempt their state from taxpayer funding of abortion, as Gov. Brewer signed the bill. Three other states - Tennessee, Mississippi, and Florida - have had their legislatures pass similar bills. CitizenLink reported on the Arizona development.

More pro-life news from Florida - the Legislature passed a bill that would offer an ultrasound to women considering abortion...this would include ultrasounds being made available in abortion clinics. The bill now goes on to Governor Crist. Here is the report from

And, some good news on the pro-life front from Oklahoma - the Legislature there overrode a gubernatorial veto on 2 pro-life is a mandatory ultrasound bill and another bill would prevent "wrongful life" lawsuits that claim a baby would have been better off being aborted and that a doctor should have suggested abortion. Here is the report from

In light of a Congress that included taxpayer funding of abortion in health care reform legislation, a Supreme Court that is not set to overturn Roe v. Wade, and an Administration that has been described as the most pro-abortion in history, it is not particularly productive to expect Federal action on the life issue. However, there is a trend by states to protect life, and that may increase as these legislatures are reacting to the new health care law.

Honorable Mention:

"Pro-Life Freedom Rides" announced by prominent pro-life leaders in Birmingham

Creation Museum greets one-millionth visitor

Congressional National Day of Prayer will allow Graham to speak despite Muslim opposition

New report chides White House response to religious freedom

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