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The 3 - June 27, 2010

Well, my family and I have returned safely to Alabama from a week in the nation's's refreshing and sobering to reflect on our nation's rich history and to view these fabulous, historic landmarks - certainly God has blessed our nation, and we can give Him praise, being mindful to pray for America and its leaders.

I had intended to write a post last week, but it seems that everything in DC runs behind schedule - so time was at a premium, especially for our first 2 or 3 then, it seemed a bit ludicrous to write a "week-in-review" when the next week was in full swing.

News out of Washington is the number 3 story this week, as campaign finance legislation that had been opposed by a number of Christian groups had appeared to be stalled, then the process restarted and the bill passed. Also, prayer was a topic that was highlighted by governors in the Gulf Coast region, as they called for a day of prayer related to the oil spill. And, a high-profile Christian leader who has blessed thousands of people with disabilities faces a new health challenge.

3 - House removes DISCLOSE from schedule, suddenly brings it back and passes it

Early in our week in Washington, I read that a campaign finance bill that would place restrictions on groups that advocate certain positions in elections had stalled. Just a couple of days later, I heard that the bill had narrowly passed the U.S. House of Representatives. CitizenLink has been following this bill, and offered this report.

This has been decried as a bill that threatens the freedom of speech, and will likely face challenges on constitutional grounds. The bill would force certain advocacy groups to reveal names of their top donors and require the CEO of the organization sponsoring the ad to appear in it. Critics have charged that the Democratic leadership could be using this bill to influence the upcoming election. Over 50 pro-family groups whose views are consistent with a Christian worldview had voiced their opposition to the bill. There could be a silver lining, in that groups that do not reflect that perspective could also be forced to reveal their information, which could limit their activity and possible influence. Nevertheless, the passage of the bill in the House does have the potential to limit free speech, if the bill were to pass in the Senate, as well.

2 - Southern governors declare day of prayer regarding oil spill

The governors of 4 Southern states bordering on the Gulf of Mexico - Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas - have called for a day of prayer concerning the oil spill that is affecting their coastlines and that threatens the economic conditions of the entire region.

Certainly, the response by BP and the Federal government has not yielded a long-lasting, effective solution to preventing the flow of oil from the site of the explosion and the spread of the slick area of oil. In this potentially devastating set of circumstances, solutions outside of man's wisdom are needed, and the Biblical response when facing dilemmas, large and small, is to cry out to the source of all wisdom, our Almighty God. The Christian Post had this report.

1 - Joni to undergo breast cancer surgery

Joni Eareckson Tada, who has been a champion for many across America with disabilities, as well as their families, has lived a life that has been full of health challenges, but a life that has demonstrated the strength of the Lord working powerfully within her. It was announced this week that Joni has another health challenge - she will be undergoing surgery for breast cancer.

Here is a release from A. Larry Ross Communications, representing Joni's ministry.

Joni has always responded so gracefully in the midst of the challenges she faces. She is an example of someone that has decided to use adversity and pain to God's glory. Perhaps on the other side of this challenge, she will come forth stronger and be a glorious advocate to minister to those who have been afflicted with cancer and provide insight and inspiration to them. Please be in prayer for Joni, her husband Ken, the doctors who will treat her, and the overall ministry of Joni and Friends.

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