Saturday, June 27, 2009

The 3 - June 27, 2009

Enjoying the sunny beaches of Northwest Florida and keeping an eye on developments for the latest installment of "The 3"...The Southern Baptist Convention has concluded for another year, which affects many American Christians, plus a new denomination has been born this week. Also, a significant youth gathering makes its every-3-year impact. So, let's roll out another edition.

3 - DCLA points the way

The student gathering known as DCLA kicked off this week in Los Angeles - one of two cities that hosts the event every 3 years. The event actually reconvenes in Washington next month. Noted speaker Francis Chan rallied the youthful crowd on Thursday night with an overview of God's plan for humanity. Read The Christian Post story here.

2 - Anglicans aim high

The new Anglican Church in North America was unveiled this week, an effort to unify a number of Anglican groups and dioceses, many of whom emerged from the U.S. Episcopal Church due to differing views on the authority of Scripture. Bishop Robert Duncan of the Pittsburgh area was named the first Archbishop of this new denomination, which has been said to mark the largest launch of a denomination since the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) started in the 70's.

One of the supporting groups is the American Anglican Council, which released this information. Robert Lundy, Communications Director for the AAC, will appear on my radio show, "The Meeting House" on Monday, June 29th between 4:15 and 4:45 Central Time. Audio will be posted at

1 - The Convention and our Commission

Southern Baptists gathered in Louisville in a 2-day meeting that drew over 8700 "messengers" representing various churches and denominational entitites. Leading up to the convention, there was some discussion of the Great Commission Resurgence document that had been released. Many saw this as a reaffirmation of the denomination's purpose, but there was some concern that its call for reform could adversely affect state conventions and local associations. While not voting on the document itself, messengers gave President Johnny Hunt the authority to appoint a task force, that would make recommendations for fulfilling the Great Commission at next year's convention in Orlando. The 19-member force, headed by Arkansas pastor Ronnie Floyd, included representatives of churches, seminaries, state conventions, and other Southern Baptist entitites.

The convention also passed a number of resolutions, including a calling on Southern Baptists to pray for President Obama, despite differences on policy. Other resolutions dealt with adoptive care and a Biblical view of sexuality.

The Baptist Press did an excellent job of covering the event, and you can find the wrap-up here. BP's blog can be found here.

Honorable mention:
National Association of Evangelicals names replacement for Richard Cizik.
S.C. Governor Sanford admits affair, quotes Scripture.

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