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The 3 - July 25, 2009

This edition of "The 3" shines the spotlight again on health care reform, not to affirm, but to expose one particular aspect of the proposals that is troubling to pro-family leaders. Also, evangelist Franklin Graham swims upstream to engage the youth culture. And, a variety of flashpoints against the nation's largest abortion provider continue to emerge.

3 - Change of Plans

The nation's largest abortion provider continues to come under fire. This week, Rep. Mike Pence's amendment to strip Planned Parenthood of its funding under Health and Human Services' Title X was voted down, after unexpectedly passing the Rules Committee. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council had some strong comments about the chamber's refusal to restrict government funding of abortion through its support of this organization. Meanwhile, Live Action's continued efforts to expose the operations of Planned Parenthood move forward, despite the removal of its latest undercover video project from Birmingham, AL, by video site YouTube. (read here) Lila Rose's latest video, in which she poses as a 14-year-old who had relations with a 31-year-old man, catches a PP counselor encouraging her to cover up the incident, which is statutory rape, as well as attempt to circumvent Alabama's strong parental consent law. This has caught the attention of the Alabama Attorney General's office, as well as the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, who have both expressed concern over the series of events caught on the video. Nevertheless, the tactics and philosophy of Planned Parenthood are continuing to be exposed, and brave lawmakers are taking steps to try to cut off the pipeline of government funding. The Birmingham video can still be viewed at

2 - Rockin' the River

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is one example of a ministry with an aging patriarch that is being successful at reinventing itself without abandoning its historical principles. This is seen in a recent series of events that began last weekend called "Rock the River", which will hold concert/crusades in 4 locales along the Mississippi River - Baton Rouge, St. Louis, Quad Cities, and Minneaspois. The Baton Rouge event featured youth-oriented Christian music by groups such as Flyleaf and Mary Mary, along with gospel-centered messages by Franklin Graham between the music sets. Over 11,000 people came out for the historic first "Rock the River" event, and the series swims upstream to St. Louis on August 2, when St. Louis Cardinals' great Albert Pujols and his wife will serve as the honorary chairpersons. BGEA's website has this report.

1 - Health and Life

This week, a number of pro-family organizations took aim at one of the many faults in the health care proposals at various stages in Congress, and that is the provision for abortion. By not outlawing abortion benefits, it is thought that the legislation will allow for abortion coverage, which would place many employers in a difficult moral position, and would lead to an expansion of abortion in America. A number of pro-life leaders were featured on Thursday night's "Stop the Abortion Mandate" webcast, including Dr. James Dobson, Fr. Frank Pavone, Dr. Richard Land, Charmaine Yoest, Wendy Wright, Marjorie Dannenfelser, and many others. Here is the associated website. The Christian Post had this report.

Focus on the Family Action has some excellent analysis in its "Focus Action Update" and other information posted here. In addition to the increasing of the nation's deficit, the greater tax burden on small businesses, the nationalization of the health care system, and the potential denial of medical care to the nation's elderly, just to name a few, the abortion area is one of paramount concern when it comes to health care.

Honorable mention:
Moon landing coverage leads to the circulation of a story of Buzz Aldrin's communion on the moon
Hate crimes update: Senate passes Defense bill with hate crimes amendment

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