Wednesday, July 29, 2009

God Has a Better Way

This past weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, there was a gay pride event that took place. Called "Pride Charlotte", it is said to have drawn some 10,000 people. Meanwhile, a group organized under the phrase, "God Has a Better Way", met at a local church with the intention of praying and sharing God's love.

The organizer, Dr. Michael Brown, had cautioned those taking part in the counter-rally to be civil and behave in a respectful manner. Even though these so-called "protestors" were peaceful, there were critics, and some of them were rather harsh. You can find the story from Dr. Brown's perspective here.

There are some big ideas that result from this story:

Differences are not hate. Isn't it peculiar that merely by espousing a viewpoint consistent with Scripture, people are branded as full of "hate"? It is true, there have been excesses coming from our side, as homosexuals have been responded to in a confrontational manner on occasion. But, Christians have been on the receiving end of rude behavior when they decide to get involved with this important lifestyle issue.

Disagreements can be civil. We as Christians must strive to share our message in a way that is firm, full of conviction, and factual, without being strident and uncivil. Just because we might disagree with people, that doesn't mean we have to be disagreeable.

Discussing our stories can lead to dialogue. A key element in sharing our faith is to share what God has done for us, to communicate our story, and the enduring truth that "God Has a Better Way"! If we're convinced of that truth and seeking to win with love, His Holy Spirit will be activated through our lives, and I believe we'll see amazing things.

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