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The 3 - August 15, 2009

This week, a number of Christian groups and leaders released statements and talking points regarding their opposition to the current health care reform proposals being considered by Congress and spotlighted at town hall meetings across the country. Also, a noted pro-life figure from a famous political family passed away. Plus, two developments have occurred involving an organization that helps homosexuals to change.

3 - Exodus' Effectiveness

Recently, the American Psychological Association met in Toronto and heard the results of a study involving homosexuals who have changed their behavior and lifestyle. The study involved an organization called Exodus International, which offers those who want to make lasting changes the tools necessary to do so, plus gives assistance to families of those in the homosexual lifestyle. The CitizenLink website offered some coverage of the Toronto gathering and the report that was given.

Exodus also gained some visibility, as it assumed control of Focus on the Family's "Love Won Out'' conference. Citing financial reasons, Focus was able to turn the conferences, which have helped many homosexuals discover the power to change, over to an organization with which it has already worked and whose goals are similar. CitizenLink also offered a report on this development.

On my radio show, The Meeting House, Stuart Shepard from Focus on the Family Action discussed these 2 occurrences. You can download the .mp3 audio of the full conversation from

2 - Shriver and the Sanctity of Life

This past week, attention was given to the legacy of Eunice Kennedy Shriver. In addition to being part of the famous Kennedy family and wife of a former Vice-Presidential candidate, she also demonstrated her respect for the sanctity of life in a number of notable ways. Her founding of the Special Olympics demonstrated her belief in the worth of the individual and the potential to accomplish that every human being possesses. She and her husband, Sargent, also publicly disagreed with their party's pro-abortion position. Plus, she was supportive of the pro-life group, the Susan B. Anthony list. In fact, at its website, that organization published a tribute to Eunice Shriver, an inspiring pro-life example.

1 - Helpful Information for Healthy Debate

This was a week when a number of Christian leaders and organizations released valuable information on health care reform proposals currently before Congress. While many chided Sarah Palin for her Facebook post on what she called "death panels", by week's end, a bi-partisan group of senators announced the removal of that provision, which was a point applauded by Palin late Thursday. Nevertheless, she posted that some problems remain.

Some similar concerns were addressed by Chuck Colson in a Monday "Breakpoint" commentary, as he succinctly highlighted several areas that he identified, using a Biblical worldview perspective as the standard. An analysis was also released by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. And, Concerned Women for America issued a strong statement, identifying a variety of areas with which it disagreed with the current proposals.

I interviewed Dr. Gene Rudd, Senior Vice-President of the Christian Medical Association, who identified a host of talking points on health care reform. That interview can be downloaded from CMA's membership consists of doctors and health care professionals, who could be affected adversely if health care reform is passed in or close to its current state. CMA's website also offers analysis.

It is encouraging to see that people of faith are addressing some of the moral and ethical concerns in this legislation. I encourage you to make a note of some of these issues, pray for your lawmakers, and act as God leads in contacting them to express your views in a civil and reasoned manner.

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