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The 3 - August 22, 2009

This week's edition of "The 3" includes another development in the seemingly never-ending series regarding health care, as the President met with certain faith leaders. Also, a major denomination gathered in the Twin Cities and dealt with some sexuality issues. Plus, a Catholic institution claimed its religious liberties were infringed upon in light of a new government ruling that violates its strongly-held teachings.

3 - Catholic Colleges, Contraception, and Collective Concern

When the government forces an institution, such as a religious university, to institute policies that violates the teachings of its sponsoring organization, such as a church, that causes concern. Claiming its religious liberties have been violated, Catholic universities are banding together in response to a case involving Belmont-Abbey College, which is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this case, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled that the school must include contraception in its health care plan. The Catholic News Agency filed this report on the case.

2 - Another Denominational Dispute on Gender Issues

Representatives of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) met in Minneapolis recently and passed two resolutions involving sexuality, which many regarded as representing greater tolerance for the homosexual lifestyle. The Christian Post reported on the ELCA's approval of a resolution to allow the ordination of celibate homosexuals. The ELCA is yet another denomination that has dealt with this issue, and there has been a polarization that has taken place in some denominations over the issue, as we have now see in this situation.

1 - Obama Faces Members of the Faith Community

President Obama reached out to leaders in the so-called faith community again this week, and engaged in a conference call with what would be termed faith leaders who would be considered to be sympathetic to his health care reform proposals. Conservative faith leaders and representatives of many Christian, pro-family organizations hold a vastly different view of the health care proposals championed by the President, who accused some of those who disagree with him of bearing false witness. CNSNews had this report. The President says that the plan he supports does not allow for government funding of abortion, a point that was disputed by the National Right to Life Committee.

While the President attempted to stress the moral obligation to provide health care, and I believe, Scripturally, it is important that we care for the least fortunate among us, it is not beneficial to do so with an unprecedented expansion of government, with morally objectionable elements, driven by a philosophy and structure that could result in the rationing of health care.

Pro-life leaders, some of whom have appeared on "The Meeting House" radio show, are featured on a new video that encourages governmental leaders to "Stop the Abortion Mandate".

Dr. Gene Rudd of the Christian Medical Association visited with me on The Meeting House recently, and you can download the audio of that conversation at Guests are listed in alphabetical order.

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