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The 3 - September 26, 2009

It was a week for religious expression of various types, as Muslims gathered in the nation's capital for prayer, and Christian students led prayers at school flagpoles. Plus, Christian and pro-family groups took aim at Senator Max Baucus' proposal to reform health care. Welcome to the latest installment of "The 3"...

3 - Muslim prayers on mall get attention from Christian groups

The call to prayer to Muslims went forth, and thousands took part in the event in Washington, D.C. This brought some cries of concern from Christian leaders and Christian groups. I came across a commentary from the Rev. Canon Julian Dobbs, the leader of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America's "Church and Islam" Project, who saw the event as an attempt to further the cause of Islam in America. He offered some words of caution, as reported by CNN. Shirley Dobson of the National Day of Prayer Task Force and Lou Engle of The Call encouraged Christians to pray and fast in response to this gathering by Muslims, according to The Christian Post.

2 - Baucus bill's backing

The health care reform proposal from Senator Max Baucus, Democrat from Montana and chair of the Senate Finance Committee, while on the surface lacking widespread support from both parties, nevertheless provided a framework for a bill that could be pleasing to the Administration and Congressional Democrats. Christian and pro-family groups expressed concern about the structure of the bill, which could lead to rationing of health care, which would adversely affect the elderly, as well as the possibility of Federal funding for abortion. Perhaps Wendy Wright's comments on my radio show (you can download the interview from were indicative of the type of opposition that continues to emerge from the evangelical community. Wendy is President of Concerned Women for America, and you can glean some information on the health care debate from their website. In our conversation, she also expressed concern about the Obama Administration criticizing Medicare provider Humana for so-called "misleading" statements about the possibility of the reduction of benefits for seniors, a fact that was actually confirmed by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

As the debate goes on, I still maintain my position that increasing government control over this significant portion of the economy exceeds what I view as the Biblical role of government, according to Romans chapter 13. The end-of-life issues that could arise from health care rationing, that many experts have stated would result from this new structure, will result in the denial of life-sustaining health care for seniors, and perhaps those with disabilities, who require significant amounts of care. The Federal funding of abortion continues to be a dangerous sticking point, and taxpayer dollars could be used in the proposed structure for the taking of innocent human life. Isn't it interesting that pr0-abortion lawmakers are not crying "foul" when the President of members of Congress say that the bill (or bills) won't fund abortion? They, like so many others, know the truth - in its current form, it will!

1 - See You at the Pole galvanizes students

It's an event that has now been bringing students together at flagpoles on school campuses for some 20 years...a Constitutionally-protected, student-led event called "See You at the Pole". From its humble beginnings in Texas, the event has spread and inspired students to be in prayer for their schools, their teachers and administrators, their communities, and their nations. The event regularly helps to identify who the Christian students are on a campus, and to inspire Christian students to be more active for Christ. Click here to go to the See You at the Pole website.

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