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The 3 - September 5, 2009

This week's edition of "The 3" spotlights some pro-family organizations' response to President Obama's proposed message to students on the Tuesday following Labor Day. Also, some news regarding a Bible translation which will be revised, as well as a variation of that translation that is going away. Plus, the stirring case of Rifqa Bary reached another mile marker this week, and the future does seem as unclear as ever.

3 - Obama's oration to school kids stirs it up

The Obama administration announced plans for the President to address students across America at noon Eastern time on Tuesday, September 8. This garnered some swift response from parents concerned that the speech would attempt to present policy directives of the administration, as well as condition schoolchildren with an attitude of service to the President, rather than service to America. My concern was that, in light of recent legislation that authorizes a national service program, this would be a precursor to get students motivated to serve in this corps, which is now voluntary, but perhaps mandatory in the future.

Now, after the response against the idea of the speech was gauged, the Administration toned down some of the companion curriculum material. The website for the Department of Education, showing the suggested classroom exercises, is

Liberty Counsel, a Christian, pro-family, constitutional advocacy organization, called the move "illegal". Here is their press release. A pro-life organization, Students for Life of America, teamed with other pro-life groups to urge students to wear clothing with a pro-life message to school on Tuesday. Here is some information on this initiative. World Magazine ran this editorial.

2 - Out with the old TNIV, in with the new NIV

This week, some new information about the New International Version, the leading-selling translation of the Bible. It was announced the NIV will be undergoing some revisions, and a new edition will likely be released in 2011. Also, the TNIV (Today's New International Version), which had come under fire for some of its content, including gender-inclusive language, will no longer be published. Christianity Today included this report on its blog. You can also get more information on the NIV revision at the website

1 - Rifqa remains in Florida...for now

The continuing saga of 17-year-old Rifqa Bary continued this past Thursday, with a hearing in Florida, taking into account an investigation the court authorized regarding Rifqa's family in Ohio, whom she left after converting to Christianity. She felt she would become a victim of an "honor killing" if she remained with her family, so she fled to Florida, where she lived with a foster family. The judge ordered the investigation documents sealed for 10 days, plus he ordered mediation in the case, among other directives. Here is the Orlando Sentinel's story.

Rifqa's attorney, John Stemberger, prior to the gag order, joined me to discuss the case. You can access and download a copy of the conversation by going to

Honorable Mention:

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Pat Robertson recovers from heart surgery

Anne Graham Lotz releases new book, reports on father's health
You can check out my interview with Anne Graham Lotz at

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