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The 3 - January 23, 2010

Some major news stories this week definitely had ramifications for the Christian community, including the Scott Brown election in Massachusetts, the relief efforts for Haiti, and the observance of pro-life activities during Sanctity of Life Week.

3 - Brown victory in Massachusetts has opponents seeing red

Scott Brown, up until just a few weeks ago a little-known state senator from Massachusetts, took on the odds-on favorite to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy in the state, Attorney General Martha Coakley. Brown received support from many conservatives across America, while Coakley attempted to leverage of Presidential visit in the campaign's final days to propel her across the finish line.

The significance of the victory for people of faith was that it changed the direction of the health care reform debate. Now the Republicans can block passage of the anticipated conference bill, which many had speculated would include taxpayer funding of abortion, which is a key issue for many Christians. The size of government, the potential for rationing, and conscience protection were just some of the many issues causing concern. In fact, conscience protection became an issue late in the campaign, when Coakley said that people that object to certain procedures due to conscience concerns might not have a place in the emergency room.

CitizenLink, from Focus on the Family Action, had coverage of the special election.

2 - Haiti relief efforts continue amidst aftershocks

While news of aftershocks continued to emerge from the nation of Haiti, relief continued to pour into the areas inside and around the capital of Port-au-Prince. The opening of air accessibility helped in getting needed supplies into the country, and a host of missions organizations continued to minister inside the nation.

And, this past Sunday, people sought solace in the power of faith. I thought this was an interesting report from the New York Times.

The Meeting House featured numerous reports about the crisis, including my first report from inside Haiti, from where Brett Bundy, Field Director for Haiti for One Mission Society (formerly OMS International) joined me.

For additional information, you can visit

Also, Randy Strash from World Vision updated listeners on the relief efforts for that organization.

Learn more by visiting

1 - Pro-life activities commemorate Sanctity of Life Week

The week of the landmark Supreme Court ruling, Roe vs. Wade, leading to legalized abortion in America, is set aside for special observances of the importance of life and the rights of unborn children. Hundreds of thousands took part in the annual March for Life in Washington on the annual anniversary date, and over 75,000 people, including former governors Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee, as well as members of Congress and Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, signed up for Americans United for Life's virtual march. Pro-life individuals and organizations, energized by the current Administration's effort to expand the availability of abortion at home and abroad, including taxpayer funding, expressed their solidarity with the pre-born and compassion for women and families affected by abortion by taking part in the DC event, as well as events in communities across the nation. Here is The Christian Post's account.

The "March for Life" is one of many opportunities that pro-life people had to get involved in speaking out. There are so many ways to be used of God to stand up for the lives of the unborn, including praying diligently for the protection of unborn children, for abortion-minded women to change their hearts toward aborting their children, for the work of pro-life ministries to go forward, and for the Church as a whole to repent from its complacency on the topic and become more passionately involved. You can take action, such as attending gatherings and special events that affirm life, volunteering with a local pregnancy resource center, contacting legislators about bills that protect life, or even showing up at local abortion clinics to share Biblical truth with the women who are entering there.

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