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The 3 - January 3, 2010

This week's edition of "The 3" includes a new chapter in the highly effective ministry of Dr. James Dobson, the motivation and mobilization of Christian students to fulfill the Great Commission, and a year-end call to be involved financially in the work of the Kingdom of God.

3 - Dobson to begin new radio program with son

I could hardly believe it when I found out - just a few weeks after Dr. James Dobson announced he was stepping away from the "Focus on the Family" radio program, the word came that Dr. Dobson was starting a new program with his son, Ryan. Here is a letter from the Focus founder and former chairman that details the new effort.

So far, the response from the Focus camp has been positive. Here is the word from the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Certainly, Dr. Dobson has made a tremendous impact not only regarding issues of concern to the family, but also in his attempts to apply a Christian worldview in issues of public policy. And, he has turned the reins of Focus on the Family to qualified people such as new President Jim Daly. Now, we in Christian radio await the new format for the Focus radio program, as well as the release of the new Dobson program. Some stations could perhaps clear air time for both stations, while others may have to make a will be interesting to see what develops in the next few months.

2 - Thousands commit to missions at large Urbana conference

This past week, thousands of young people renewed their commitment to spreading the gospel by attending InterVarsity's student conference, called Urbana '09. The conference was started in Urbana, Illinois, and meets every 3 years - this year's event was held in St. Louis. Here is The Christian Post's report.

The holiday season has definitely become a great time for student conferences - in addition to InterVarsity's event, the annual student conference in Pigeon Forge, TN, attracts a significant number of young people, and college students and young adults are currently gathering in Atlanta for the Passion conference.

1 - Churches close out year with focus on funds, face new year with fresh outlook

It has been a challenging year for many ministries, and churches, as well as other ministry organizations, customarily look to year's end to raise a notable amount of funds. Former guest on The Meeting House, Dr. Wes Willmer of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability offered some year-end thoughts in a recent column for Charisma magazine. As I have mentioned on my radio show, in times of economic crisis, that is not the time to reduce giving - as needs increase due to financial difficulties, there are more opportunities for Christians to be involved in meeting the needs of people.

Rick Warren received some attention recently as he announced a massive 2-day year-end giving emphasis for Saddleback Church, which he pastors. The campaign was apparently a success, according to this report in The Christian Post. So often, I have found that God's people will respond to needs as they are made aware of what is needed. Giving is an activity that Christians are called to participate in, and in addition to tithes to the local church, offerings to ministries and special projects help further the work of the Kingdom and give us a sense of partnering with God in what He desires to do.

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