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The 3 - January 30, 2010

This week's edition of "The 3", a week-in-review feature of stories relevant to the Christian community, continues our emphasis on relief to Haiti, including the efforts of dozens of Christian artists, as well as President Obama's "State of the Union" message, and the controversy over a pro-life Super Bowl ad.

3 - Christian artists "Come Together Now"

There are so many gratifying stories of people reaching out in the name of Christ to provide needed assistance to the people of Haiti. Numerous partnerships, emerging from divine appointments, have been forged with churches in that nation to provide help. Recently, I spotlighted a ministry in Central Alabama where 50 or more Haitian orphans, who lived in an orphanage destroyed by the earthquake, will be housed once arrangements are made to bring them safely to America. You can check out to learn more.

This is indicative of the type of creative ways that Christians are allowing the Holy Spirit to lead them to get involved. And, now some 50 Christian artists have recorded a song that is intended to raise money to support Haiti. Read the story here from CBN.
Put together by Michael W. Smith, who co-wrote the song, the effort is a powerful instance where Christians are using their gifts and talents to serve Him and minister to others through the love of Jesus Christ.

2 -
State of the Union foreshadows things to come

President Obama gave his State of the Union speech Wednesday night, and while many anticipated a shift in tone and substance as a result of the election setback in Massachusetts and polling data showing his approval ratings declining and support for health care reform floundering, nevertheless, he attempted to return to his "change" them, even stating that many feel change has not come quickly enough.

His message included a laundry list of new initiatives, including job creation, that will increase government spending and perhaps add to the deficit, despite his calls for deficit reduction.

While health care did not consume the speech, he did call on Congress to pass that type of legislation, and that has given rise to speculation this week that the Senate could try to arrange health care legislation so that it passes a number of smaller bills, then reconciles them into one package by a simple majority vote. This circumvents the possibility of a Senate filibuster, and has been described as a "nuclear" option.

The President also voiced his support for overturning the "don't ask, don't tell" policy for gays in the military, which would result in open homosexual behavior in the ranks of our armed services, which could have a number of counterproductive implications for our troops. Obama also called out the Supreme Court for its decision on campaign financing, which many hailed as a victory for free speech.

Concerned Women for America had some good commentary on the Web from 2 of its principals - CEO Penny Young Nance and Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute Dr. Janice Crouse. CWA's website is

Penny also appeared on my program to share analysis of the SOTU and the story below.

1 - Tebow's Super Bowl ad adds widespread support

Some women's groups jeered and Christians cheered as word began to spread that University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother had produced a life-affirming Super Bowl ad funded by designated gifts to Focus on the Family. You can read Focus President Jim Daly's commentary here. My blog post on the topic can be found here.

As I had previously mentioned, it is hypocritical for so-called "pro-choice" individuals to criticize Pam Tebow because she made a choice that does not match their ideology. And, furthermore, just because Tim Tebow is a star quarterback doesn't mean that his life is more valuable than anyone else - every life is valuable, created and ordained by God.

Honorable Mention:

Rifqa's parents reject deal

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German homeschool family granted asylum in U.S.

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